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When do I need an adjustment?
How do I know that I have been adjusted properly?
Can I be over-adjusted? If so, will I know if I am?
Why do I feel more restricted in the morning that at night?
Why are adjustments important?
The following page contains a list of frequently asked questions on Lap-BandŽ adjustments that provide general information about bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes that accompany it. If you have specific questions about the LAP BANDŽ surgery or gastric bypass surgery, please contact Texas Surgery Associates. Dr. Michel Stephan and staff will be happy to discuss what you can expect before, during, and after surgery.
Everyone requires a different restriction level and adjustment schedule for optimal results.  There are several indicators that may alert you to schedule an appointment.  Some of these include:
      w No weight loss for more than 3 weeks
      w Increased appetite
      w Feeling hungry less that 4 hours after eating a meal
      w Ability to eat more food during a meal than ususal
      w Increased snacking
      w Ability to eat foods that you were unable to eat before (i.e. breads, fibrous vegetables)
If you are several years post-op, you may still require adjustments.  Long-term follow-up is the key to success.
Three small meals a day should satisfy you while maintaining a target weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.  The Lap-BandŽ helps you eat less by restricting your stomach capacity and increasing the time it takes to digest food.  If you choose your food wisely and chew it properly, you should not feel hungry or deprived.
Yes, you can have too much saline in your band.  Tighter is not always better!  Indicators that you may be over adjusted include:
      w Difficulty swallowing food or saliva
        w Regurgitation
        w Waking up at night coughing or vomiting
        w Frequent reflux / heartburn
        w Chest heaviness
If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact Dr. Stephan immediately at (972) 226-0405
Your esophagus muscle tightens when not used overnight.  It must work to push the food down through the band and needs some time to "warm up" in the morning.  This may also result from going to bed with full stomach.
Adding saline from your Lap-BandŽ System is necessary for continued success.  This unique feature provides the right level of restriction for your individual needs.

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Why do I feel more restricted in the morning than at night?
Why are adjustments important?
Can I be over-adjusted?  If so, will I know I am?
How do I know that I have been adjusted properly? 
When do I need an adjustment?
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